Citizen Park Club Rooms 2020/2021 Season
Date of Event Richmond Union Cricket Club: Sat Nov 7, 2020 11:17PM

Over the next few weeks, rebuilding of the Jack Dyer club rooms will commence. Regrettable the current rooms will be demolished (except the rear 1940's heritage listed portion). For the Cricket Club, Junior Footy Club and Harriers running clubs this will be a sad time, with many of us having fond memories in the building.  When the current rooms were commissioned in 1994, they were a revelation, previously the sports clubs  operated out of an annex on the Kindergarten on Church street, the cramped conditions there were legendary!


For the 2020/2021 season a set of portables have been set up on the Gleadell street side of the ground and this season, the cricket club will operate out of these. It's anticipated the  new building will be completed in July 2021. The new structure will be two story, much larger then the current structure and feature more change rooms for the growing number of junior teams. For more details about the new pavilion go to Jack Dyer Redevelopment.


Senior, Junior and Woollies cricket will be all continue as  normal. There are some minor changes to all the types of cricket because of the COVID19 crisis but otherwise everything else will continue as normal. We will be getting our gear out of the portables and a set of storage containers and so doing things will be more involved, so we ask for your patience!


Because we have no rooms, we won't have a canteen, so therefore food and drink will not be available, so please plan for this. Also for short portions of the project, it will be necessary for the builders to close the public toilets on Church Street, please take this into account, especially if you have children!


We are eagerly looking forward to the new rooms redevelopment. We ask for your patience during this important project. Go Tiges.

Last updated: Sunday December 27, 2020 11:04AM
Author: richard woolcock