2020-2021 Christmas / Training * Update *
Date of Event Richmond Union Cricket Club: Thu Oct 29, 2020 10:08AM

Hi all,


Senior Training for both men's and women's teams has now stopped for the Christmas break.  The various sides will resume on the following dates;


Senior Men's: 9th Jan 2021

Senior Women's: 17th Jan 2021

Veterans: 10th Jan 2021

Juniors: 22nd Jan 2021

Woollies Junior Blasters: 16th Jan 2021

Woollies Master Blasters: 15th Jan 2021


If you have friends or workmates that would like to play cricket, put them in contact with us or simply bring them down. All are welcome and we have still five teams to fill of varying grades.


Senior Men's Training will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Just a reminder, the Citizen Park club rooms are demolished. A set of portables have been set up on Gleadell street end of the ground and the club will be operating out of here for the season.


The State Government Update made it possible for training/playing to start, we have worked with the City of Yarra to bring that forward, who we sincerely thank for there efforts.


We welcome all players, old and new to come along. There will be further updates to this page and our website out lining the requirements of training in our new COVID19 world. It's important that we all carefully follow these requirements. Our prime objective is too restart cricket in as safe a manner as possible. As a general rule, the following applies;


  • Turn up dressed ready to training, we have no dressing rooms currently.
  • If you are unwell, especially if you have cold like symptoms, DO NOT TURN UP TO TRAINING, go and get tested, returning when all clear, this is very important.
  • Bring your own gear and do not share it. If you have a gear issue, ping us and we'll assist you.
  • As soon as you turn up, please sign in using the QR code and your phone (this is a statutory requirement)
  • When you start training on the ground you don't require a mask any more but you still need to maintain appropriate social distance where possible.
  • Players are being broken into two groups, stick with your group.
  • When session is complete, take your gear home, we have no where to store it.


If you are a new player and have some questions, please feel welcome to email the club secretary at The club has five senior teams ranging from good quality turf to social one day crickets, as well as our inaugural Women's side. There's a side for everybody! Looking forward to seeing you soon.



Go Tiges.


Last updated: Sunday December 27, 2020 11:33AM
Author: richard woolcock