Life Member Nomination: Mal Allan
Date of Event Richmond Union Cricket Club: Sun Jun 21, 2020 11:51AM

At the recent AGM, three new Life members were nominated and elected by the members. This is the first article on the nominees.


Mal Allan arrived down at the club in 1977 with three other school mates looking for a game of cricket (three of this group would become inductees in the team of the half century). He quickly established himself as one of 1st eleven opening bowlers.  As well he was a handy batsman. In 1980/81 he played and was an important contributor to the 1st eleven premiership team.  That was the club’s last 1st eleven grand final victory until the 2002/03 season in an era when cricket was tough! According to Mouse, Mal was an integral part of the RUCC in the old days when cricket wasn’t seen as a fashionable game around Richmond’. Mal continued as the opening 1st eleven bowler throughout the 1980’s. In the mid 1990’s he returned to the club for a season to play in the 3rd eleven.


Mal served on the committee and as the club secretary throughout the 80’s. According to Mal, in those days being secretary was a very different affair; there was no email or mobile phones. All correspondence was by ‘snail mail’ and the landline. Game scores were phoned in so they could appear in the papers the next day. If you forgot to get something out, the only option was dropping it off yourself! In 1986 the club merged with St Stanislaus, then commonly known as ‘the aruntas’ (an aboriginal tribe) to constitute the current Richmond Union Cricket Club.  He was secretary at the time and an important driver in the amalgamation.


As well as being a fine cricketer, Mal is regarded by his mates as ‘a great clubman’’.  To quote one ‘his life membership is well deserved and long overdue’. A number of people sent us information about Mal. When we rang him to tell him about his life member nomination, he’s most telling comment he made was ‘well the cricket is a bonus; it’s really about the people’.


Thanks to Peter Rogers and Shane Way for information about Mal’s contribution to the club.

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Author: richard woolcock