Richmond Union Over 60's India Trip - Part 1
Date of Event : Sun Jan 6, 2019 6:02PM

Some extracts from the Over 60's India Trip -Text/pictures courtesy of Kevin Anderson


Day 3

Hour and a half to the TCM Trust “oval” to play a team of doctors. Unfortunately for us they’re average age was late 20s, but on the plus side the ground was smaller than a postage stamp. 


We lost the toss and batted first. Kevin Lanigan smacked the first 3 balls to the boundary and we dared to dream! He quickly reached retirement of 30 as did Shane Way and Greg Watsford. Ian Gibson made 28, Terry Martin 27 and Gary Marr 26 as we finished our 35 overs on 3/204. After a great lunch - which included beer! - we took to the field and the favour was returned with 4 boundaries in the first over! Terry Martin got his revenge with the Tigers’ first wicket in India!

Greg Watsford took a sizzling caught and bowled and then Kevin Lanigan was on a hat trick and we dared to dream again! But alas, after I took a wicket the doctors smashed their way past our score in 23 overs. We attempted to have our tally doubled since we were twice their age but to no avail. We even tried “ we got more wickets, you got more runs, so call it a draw”, again to no avail!  By the way these guys are one win away from representing India in an 8 a side competition in Brisbane next year! Great day, presentations followed with Kevin L getting Richmond’s mom award, then home for free drinks at the Radisson till 8:30.


Day 4:
Rest day, touring both New and old Delhi. Tour guide says back by 5:30. Bewdy! Free drinks from 6 - 8 with snacks! First stop was a mosque built in the 16th century, then a tuk tuk ride - the couldn’t fit down the narrow streets - to the market and spice shop.

Next was India Gate, a monument built between 1921 and 1933, as a memorial to their fallen soldiers of war. As time was now on the March, we headed off to see the Parliament building and the President’s palace before heading for some lunch at 2:30. Some blokes getting a bit “twitchy” with 3 items still on the “to do” list! Beautiful lunch, a couple of beers then off to the site of Mahatma Ghandi’s murder. Whitewashed buildings and beautifully manicured gardens created a very eerie and thought provoking mood.


Next was the Persian carpet and jewellery store, so the girls were right at home! By now it was getting dark and the clock had ticked past 6pm and the earlier twitching was now full blown withdrawal! Onto the Lotus Temple, which only dated back to the 12th century! Quick skirt around and back on the bus. Might get a couple of freebies if the bus ride goes well. Alas, horrible Sunday night traffic saw us arrive with 5 minutes to spare! Oh well, the one drink we had was at the right price! Cricket again tomorrow.


Day 5:
After yesterday’s long drive, the boys headed back to Ghaziabad for our second match v India. Today the ages of our opponents were much closer to ours so confidence was high. Eane decided we had won the toss and batted first! Again Kevin Lanigan smashed a boundary first ball on his way to 34 ret.Shane Way also retired along with Greg Watsford33 and Eane Whitton 30. Terry Martin got 11, Ian Gibson 18 and one of our subs Golu made 15. Shane returned to finish on 47 n o as we reached 8/224 in 36 overs.

Our turn in the field began with a bang as Terry and Greg reduced the opposition to 4/27 after 6 overs. A brilliant effort in the field by Shane produced the first of 3 runs ( 2 from Shane!) then Kevin L chipped in with a wicket and they were gone! Their ex-Test batsman Ajay Sharma was trapped lbw first ball by another young sub Jeetu who finished with 2/0. Shane than finished them off a man of the match performance by grabbing the final wicket and they were all out for 110 in 21 overs.

Presentations and celebrations were held at a nearby restaurant with complimentary drinks and food, followed by a quick visit to a nightclub next door owned by the same people. The trip home took 2 hours but we made happy hour before heading down to the nightclub in our own hotel to bring in the New Year! We are all well and hope that everyone at Richmond Union has been able to recover from their own celebrations! Looking forward to a great 2019. Happy New Year to you all.


Day 6:
Very slow start to the day and after pushing the departure time from 8:30 till 10:45 the bus took us to Humayun’s Tomb, a very Persian influenced building built mid 1500s. After a series of steps and or so in the winter sunshine we headed off for lunch.

Yet another great feed as quiet bodies slowly rejuvenated from the previous night’s dance party! Incriminating videos are available on just about everyone, but I’m holding out for the bribes to roll in first! A lesson well learned from Indian politics! On leaving the restaurant we were entertained by an old snake charmer before heading onto the bus for the trip home. (See video) Arrival time 4:40! No-one knew what to do! How do we fill in time before 6 o’clock happy hour? Oh yeah, the bar!
Cricket decider tomorrow. Back then.


Day 7:
Sorry for the delay but internet speed slower than NBN meant this post wouldn’t go. The decider in the 3 test series against India at the Ghaziabad cricket ground was a late starter due to the Delhi traffic - 2 hours to get there instead of the hour and 10 it has taken before! 
As usual Eane called correctly and we batted. Mind you, Kevin Lanigan and I were padded up at the mid pitch presentations before the game started! Some might say lucky, others would be more accurate. Kevin L and I rattled on 42 in the first 5 overs and we were away. Kev went for 22, then Shane Way came and went for a quick 21 and then I got run out (uphill and into a gale) for 23 - 3/92 in 16. They had a left arm spinner who was the best we had faced so far. 


Just when we thought no one would get to the retirement score of 25 in a match reduced to 30 overs, Terry Martin and Greg Watsford stepped up and got 27 and 25 respectively.  Ian Gibson got 16 before being scarificially run out by the captain who finished on 13 not out. In the last over one of our subs, young Jeetu, struck the last 3 balls for 646 and we rested on 4/280 from 30. No lunch, straight back out there! Greg and Terry grabbed a wicket each to have them 2/25 after 4 overs. Next batsman was beautiful to watch, tall and elegant as he caressed his way to 25 and a couple of others bludgeoned 25, as the young subs got a bowl.


Mohit took 2/55 off his 5 overs, but the run rate was now below 6 per over so back to Lille and Thommo (Terry 3/25 and Greg 2/35), but alas they reached the target with 3 overs to spare and held aloft the Bordeaux-Gravytrain trophy, winning the series 2-1. Man of the match was Terry and best bowling went to Greg. Tomorrow we are off to the Taj, another very long day.

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