Richmond Union Semi Final Game Details
Date of event: Saturday March 10, 2018 12:00PM

Richmond Union has achieved a milestone getting all five of it's senior teams and two of it's junior sides (under 14 and 16) into semi-finals. This is one of the only times in the clubs history this has happened. Do try and support the fellas by getting down to watch. Times and venues for the games as follows;


1st Eleven Vs  Boronia CC

 Saturday/Sunday 12.30, away, Tormore Rd Reserve, Boronia


2nd Eleven Vs  Glen Iris CC

Saturday/Sunday 12.30, home, Citizens Park, Richmond


3rd Eleven Vs Trinity Willison CC

Saturday/Sunday 12.30, away, Hartwell Sportsground West, Beryl street, Burwood


4th Eleven Vs Boroondara

Saturday 12.30,home, Burnley Oval Richmond


5th Eleven Vs St Barnabas CC

Saturday 12.30,home, Fletcher Oval, Burnley


Under 16's Vs Edinburgh CC

Sunday 10.00 a.m, away,  WT Peterson Oval, Brunswick street, North Fitzroy


Under 14's Vs Trinity Willson CC

Sunday 10.00 a.m, home, Fletcher Oval, Burnley  

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Author: shane way