Season off to a flyer
Date of Event : Mon Oct 9, 2017 10:02PM

Richmond Unions season got off to a flyer again Edinburgh  CC on Saturday at Burnley oval. The 3rd's won the toss and sensibly elected too bat. Burnley oval was in magnificent form, in fact in a better state than our main oval. Ground was really fast and of course the wicket, well was Burnley, what can you say! Ben Smith opened with Josh. Unfortunately Josh departed and was followed by Issac, he didn't last long either, seemly biblical names weren't a good luck charm this game.


He was followed to the crease by Gaurang Patel and so started the Benny and Gaurang show. Together they steadily ticked off runs and at the end of the day Ben carried his bat, reaching 144 runs. Gaurang was no slouch either reaching 142 runs. At the inning completion, the score was a 309 runs, an excellent score on Burnley. Thanks to all the people that turned up to watch.

Last updated: Wednesday December 13, 2017 8:35AM
Author: shane way