1st and 2nd's Captains announced
Date of Event : Wed Aug 9, 2017 10:03PM

The committee are pleased to announce the appointment of Dan Nicholls as 1st X1 Captain. Dan is excited to be back in the fold after 2 years away in WA. In his last season for the club 2014/15, Dan scored an impressive 402 runs at an average of 50.25 and is looking forward to leading the club into the 2017/18 season.

The 2nd X1 Captain this season is Phil Pullar. Phil is a club great. He has been a former club coach, 1st X1 Captain and Premiership player and together with Dan, we feel we have a great mix leading our top 2 sides into the coming season. 

Dean Jones as coach has managed to secure the services of Chris Gardiner (Dingo) as his assistant. Together they have a great vision for this season and beyond. ECA Team of the Century member and Legend Les Quarrell is on hand as a specialist batting coach.

This year the club is having a selection committee. The members are: 
Harry Brown (Chairman)
Dan Nicholls
Harry Rainbow
Dean Jones

They will get feedback from all the captains and using that information will select all of the sides. By doing this we feel that there will be a consistent message across the board through out all sides. And we will be upfront and honest with all players so everyone knows their pros and cons. 

Jordan Foster is putting his hand up to help out the Juniors this season with his role to be confirmed soon.

I am looking forward to the season and hopefully see you on Saturday 2nd September for our Season Launch.


Harry Rainbow (President)

Last updated: Wednesday August 9, 2017 10:15PM