RUCC COVID19 Attendance protocols post COVID


Everyone, players, coaches, RUCC volunteers, parents and carers need to adhere to the following protocols:


1. Illness / Reporting requirements

  • Any player ,volunteer, etc who is unwell MUST NOT attend training or games. We suggest that even if it looks like a cold that you don't attend training because of the disruption it can cause others.
  • If a player is sent home from training or games due to illness, they should inform somebody at the club.
  • If a player or volunteer test positive to COVID 19 or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, they should inform the club.


2. All players:

  • Should bring their own water bottles/drinks to training.
  • Should not share food or drinks.
  • Should not share personal equipment.
  • Should not spit or put saliva on balls.


Thanks for your assistance/understanding.