RUCC COVID19 Training during COVID


The following rules apply once cricket training has commenced:


  • All participants must be adhering to the RUCC attendance protocols.
  • Three Groups can train on an oval, one group in the nets and two other groups, separated by around 100 metres.
  • Only a group can train together. Members of a group cannot move between other groups. Once you're in a group you have to remain in it for the session.
  • Only one group in the net area at a time (if three nets available in net area then only one group in entire net area permitted)
  • Only every second net to be use for bowling. e.g. 1st and 3rd nets.
  • Social distancing must still be observed by everybody on the oval.
  • No physical contact with others.
  • No Spitting
  • Equipment sharing is discouraged but allowed with sanitizing before and after use.
  • Regular hand sanitizing every 30-40 minutes
  •  Club balls must all be sanitized wiped before session.
  • Masks must be worn at all times apart from batting or bowling or fielding running drills